NEW Interview!!!!!!!

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NEW Interview!!!!!!!

Post by morethananyone on Fri Nov 27, 2009 6:23 am

Here's a new interview with David about the previous episode and the upcoming season 2 finale!!!

Q: A lot of fans weren't expecting a rehearsal dinner. What motivated you to do one?

A: Most weddings have rehearsal dinners before hand, so I figured it would be a good idea to write one in.

Q: This last episode gave Halle over heard Jake telling Dave how he felt about her. How will this play out?

A: Ya know, Jalle has had a bump road this season, but I can promise it'll pay off soon. Obviously Jake confessing his love to Halle will be big, and will affect Halle a lot.

Q: The scene between Dave and Halle was interesting. It was left open ended in a way. Did you write it this way on purpose?

A: I have a purpose for writing everything I write. I don't write things just for the sake of writing it in. I wrote that scene for Dally that way because they had a connection and that connection isn't going away over night. They are agreeing to be better versions of themselves because they have to fix their mistakes, but that doesn't mean they'll never reconnect in the future.

Q: Do you prefer Jalle or Dally?

A: I love writing for both of these pairings so much. Jalle is the classic fairytale couple and portraying that is so much fun to write, while Dally is that star-crossed, epic love story couple and I also have a blast writing for them.

Q: The next episode is the season finale. Can you give us a little scoop?

A: Expect Rachel and Liam's wedding to be taking place, expect 2 beloved characters to be returning, expect a new face to come along, expect lots of twists and turns and big cliffhangers.

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