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S3 Spoilers

Post by Tori on Wed Dec 16, 2009 1:55 am

Some fans wrote into to me about S3, and since David sent me the 3x01 script I have your answers.

1. Does it look like we'll get a possible Rake reunion in S3?
A: Sadly, no. Rake fans might just have to wait longer, or even never at all. From the scripts I've gotten my eyes on Rake won't be romantically involved anytime soon.

2. What's the deal with Halle's supposed birth mother Stella?
A: Stella will stir up some drama for Halles life.

3. Whos the man in the episode stills david posted?
A: That man is the one and only, Robert Joy. Robert comes back to Cape Side to help Halle handle Stella.

4. What's the 411 on Jalle?
A: From what I've read so far S3 is going to be the "it" season, as David worded it, for Jake and Halle.

5. Who's pregnant?
A: I have no freaking idea. It appears no one is or David just forgot to return to the storyline. Inconsistent much?

6. Does Andie stay in Cape Side?
A: Yup, but with an interesting twist.
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