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Forum Rules!

Post by MozillaChuckle on Sun Dec 27, 2009 7:14 am

I recently realized there are no forum rules, so the staff and I decided it was time that we add some.

Many of you weren't here when this was a OTH forum, but for those of you who were you remember we had a special warning system for keeping the members to follow the rules.

When members break the rules this is the system the mods/admins will follow:

1st offense= WARNING. This simply means a mod/admin will PM you and let you know what you did wrong and you'll have a green warning sign put under your username.

2nd offense = MODERATED. This means you'll be able to post, but all your posts will have to be approved by a mod/admin first.

3rd offense = MUTED. This means you can come to the forums and PM and view the site but your posting privileges are taken away.

4th offense = BANNED. You'll first be banned for a few days, possibly less, and next time you get banned longer.


*Be respectful to the staff and members
*No hardcore bashing
*No bashing other couples you don't like*
*Leave debating only in the warzone section
*Don't harass others
*Be polite


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Re: Forum Rules!

Post by DBST on Sun Dec 27, 2009 8:24 am

Would calling someone a "pretty bastard" be polite?

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