NEW David interview!

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NEW David interview!

Post by Liz on Wed Oct 06, 2010 1:15 am

With the return of the show I interviewed David! Hes what I got out of him!

1. Eric and Emily are finally back! Are they both sticking around?
- Eric defiantly will have a pretty permanent role for the rest of the season, but Emily will only be around when absolutely needed. She's a character that won't serve much of a purpose anymore now that her and Eric are divorcing.

2. The series seems more family unit tight again. Did you write it this way on purpose?
- Well, ARLBITR started off in S1 as a show about 3 families and how they all collided and everything that came along with that. These are three pretty messed up families, but that got lost a little bit in S2, but with S3 being the final high school season I wanted to bring that family premise being into the picture.

3. With the psychic in the last episode there seemed to be some hints as to some things that might be coming up! Whats gonna happen?
- I don't wanna spoil anything, but some things the psychic said were legit, and others weren't.

4. Andie's been getting a lot more focus this season than normal. What made you want to put her more front and center?
- Andie really is a character that has so many layers and there's so much that can be done with her storywise that we never really explored in the first two seasons, and so now we are focusing a lot on that now.

5. Dally fans want to know what's going on with Dally?? They had a pretty misleading scene in 3x05.
- Dave and Halle...that's a tricky one. Fans have to keep in mind that just because they are with other people now doesn't mean their connection is gone, but also that doesn't mean they aren't in love with Andie and Jake, so it makes things complicated. I can't say too much for it now, but just see whats in store for the upcoming episodes.


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