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Post by Samia on Mon Dec 20, 2010 4:39 am

Hey you guys. Ive chatted up with David recently (which is hard to do nowadays since hes never on), and I got my hands on what's going on with the writing, filming, and what's going on the rest of season three.

- Season 3 has 8 episodes left, which will be bring the season to a 14 episode count in total.
- Grams will be returning in 3x07 for a storyline that will affect Rachel and Liam a lot. Mostly Liam.
- Ms. Jacobs returns to Cape Side as well, and this is a storyline that involves mainly Jake, but Halle will be involved as well.
- Jane and Eric continue a romance
- Stella and Robert are a big part of the last half of the season
- An ex boyfriend of Andie's from New York, Daniel, comes to town to win her back.
- Some couples will no longer be together by the end of the season. As to while ones, I was not told.
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