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A Rather Large Bump in the Road
Season 3 - Episode 9 - "When All Else Fails"
Worried about his health, Liam is prompted by Rachel to take a trip to the doctors office. While doing her own thing for the day, her and Lizzy get things together for the company. Andie battles with what's right and wrong concerning her relationships, while Halle takes in a change to her family situation. Jake works with Ms. Jacobs to finish up his work for his film class.

Opening Montage: Followed by dialouge overs.
1) Jane & Eric cuddling or kissing in their room.
"Can a constantly tested love be this true?"

2) Andie & Daniel embracing each other in her room.
"Maybe this love is that in which tests others love too."

3) Robert walks with Stella to her car, and then gives her a peck kiss on the lips.
"Is this love true? Can this love really be you?"


Scene 1: Jake, Dave, & Eric are at the kitchen table eating. They talk about the awkwardness of how they have both dated his daughters and the weirdness of Jane and him ever getting married.
(eases in on Jake, Dave, & Eric eating breakfast at the table)
(eases in on Jake's face, then Dave's)
Eric: Do I have something on my face?
Dave: Come on man, I know it can't only be awkward for just us...
Jake: Ditto.
Eric: I have noooo idea what y'all are talking about. (sarcastic)
Dave: Well I kinda am dating your daughter...and screwing her from time to time. (laughs)
Jake: (laughs)
Dave: I'm joking on the 2nd part (laughs)
Eric: Bullshit...I was 18 once too. But I'm just gonna pretend I didn't hear that.
Jake: This is why we love you. Even with an awkward situation your so chill. I say your one of us now.
Dave: Agreed. One condition...no marrying our mom. That would just be a little too much...i'd rather not be related to Andie and date her too. Too much.
Eric: No promises.
(Jane walks in)
(everyone starts eating)
Jane: Of course it gets silent in the room when I walk in...
Eric: You haven't missed a thing, honey.
Jane: Mhmm. I know my boys all too well.
(she sits down and it eases out on them as a family)

Scene 2: Liam is complaining of pain that he's having in his groin area. Rachel insists that he goes to the doctor.
(eases in on Liam in pain, maybe even lying on the floor)
(Rachel walks in)
Rachel: Baby! Oh my God, what's wrong?!
Liam: I'm fine babe, I don't want you seeing me like this.
Rachel: Through better or for worse, remember?
Liam: This one defiantly falls under the worse category.
Rachel: So this is why you keep getting up everynight and sleeping on the couch?
Liam: I didn't wanna keep you up with the pain...
Rachel: Who you need to be worrying about right now is you. Better yet I'm worried about you.
Liam: I'm sure it's nothing, it'll pass.
Rachel: You said that a week ago. I want you to go to the doctor.
Liam: I can't miss English again today, I'm gonna fail if I keep on not showing up.
Rachel: Then go after english, Liam. If not, no botty for you tonight. (sexy snarl)
Liam: Ok, ok. You know how to convince a man don't ya?
Rachel: Mhmm, just little me...I do work in mysterious ways.
(fades out)

Scene 3: Jake & Ms. Jacobs tutoring in the flim building.
(eases in on Ms. Jacobs sitting with a hack of some kind in her chair)
(eases in on Jake sitting in the student desk)
Ms. Jacobs: This is a first, but you might just be a little more than dedicated.
Jake: Isn't that a good thing?
Ms. Jacobs: No high schooler wants to turor during their lunch hour, Jake.
Jake: I'm not just any high schooler. I have a vision for my life, and with out getting into this directing school then that doesn't happen.
Ms. Jacobs: I hear ya. I had the same drive when I was your age. The only one who really understood it was my boyfriend at the time.
Jake: Sometimes I wonder if Halle understands.
Ms. Jacobs: Is that the miss no one understands me brunette I always see you with?
Jake: Hey now, that no one understands me brunette happens to be my girlfriend. She's just got a lot of shit going on.
Ms. Jacobs: Those are the ones you gotta watch out for. Girls with issues can be a handful. I should know.
Jake: Yeah, I've kinda noticed. (laughs)
Ms. Jacobs: Watch it! Sounds like someone needs a tickle session for that one!
(Ms. Jacobs tickles him)
(eases in on both their faces in intensity)
Jake: I think we should get back to work...
Ms. Jacobs: Yeah, we never did our camera work today. Get too it, Largo.
(fades out on them playing around with a filming camera)

Scene 4: Rachel walks in on Daniel & Andie kissing.
(Eases in around things in her room)
(Andie & Daniel laying on the bed together in her room)
Daniel: We're gonna have to get off this bed before long...
Andie: No way, I'm too comfortable.
Daniel: We would be a lot more comfortable with out our clothes on...just a thought..?
Andie: Is that all this is about? You getting in my pants?
Daniel: Come on now, I didn't mean it that way. I was just joking...ya know, those things that are funny?
Andie: What happened to the charming Daniel I used to know?
Daniel: He's here, holding the girl he loves in his arms, right where he wants to be.
Andie: That's more like it.
(they start to make out)
(Rachel walks in)
Rachel: Holy balls of cheese!
Daniel: Oh shit.
Rachel: Oh shit is right blondie. Umm, Andie, can we talk out side, please?
(Andie follows her out back)
(Rachel does something to alarm her: shake her, slap her, something)
Rachel: Wake up call to Andie! My smart and sensible sister, is she still in there somewhere?
Andie: Will you chill out? We can talk about this maturely, geez.
Rachel: It's kinda hard to talk maturely about a really immature situation.
Andie: Whoa now, I didn't see you giving Dave and Halle this lecture when all that went down.
Rachel: Actually I did give Halle a good sense of a wake up call, and now it's your turn. Last time with y'alls crazy ass little love square me and Liam got put right in the middle of it, that's not happening again Andie.
Andie: No ones putting you in the middle. Just keep this between you and me, I was planning on telling Dave tonight anyways.
Rachel: I really hope that's true because if you don't then I will.
(Rachel walks away)

Scene 5: Jake meets up with Halle at the lunch table.
(Jake sits down)
(Pans over Halle looking upset)
Jake: Are we really having a repeat of last week?
Halle: Excuse me?
Jake: Anytime I see you anymore you just look like you don't want me around or something.
Halle: Did it ever cross your mind that maybe I'm just struggling with Stella being back in town and all the old memories it brings up of my mom? I can't even remember the last time you asked how I was doing.
Jake: I'm so sorry if I came across as a dick, it was just a long tutoring session. You know I'm here anytime you wanna talk
Halle: So that's why you were 30 mins late for lunch...again?
Jake: Hal, come on please, I really don't wanna fight.
Halle: Then maybe you should start asking yourself what your priorities are right now, cause clearly I'm not one of them anymore
(Halle leaves)

Scene 6: Halle walks in on Stella and Robert kissing.
(Stella and Robert in the kitchen smootching)
(Halle walks in)
(Hal witnesses it)
Halle: Um, should I go upstairs?
Robert: Sorry Hal, I didn't know you were coming home early.
Stella: Yeah, shouldn't you be at school?
Halle: Seniors are graduating soon, we all skip, no point in being there anyway
Robert: I guess I'll just bring out the big elephant in the room...me and Stella have decided to get back together, Hal.
Halle: That was a no brainer.
Stella: We kinda thought maybe you'd be happy? You were the one who came to my house to get me to come back after all.
Halle: I don't recall asking you to come back and stick your tounge down my Dad's throat, but whatever
Stella: I didn't mean to offend you, I just-
Halle: Don't apoligize, it's cool, it's just been a shitty day. It's good to see you two happy. I'll be in my room if anyone needs me.
(Halle walks up stairs)
Robert: I was kinda hoping that would go a little better...
Stella: She'll come around, Robby.
(fades out on them flirting)

Scene 7: The doctor comes in to give Liam his results.
(eases in on shots of doctors office)
(pans over Liam, and then a close up of his face worried)
(doctor walks in room)
Doctor: Alrighty Mr. Turner I over looked your chart and just have a few questions..
Liam: Ask away, Doc.
Doctor: How long have you been experiencing this pain in your groin area?
Liam: Uhh, probably a week or so now.
Doctor: Any history of urine problems in the family?
Liam: Nope.
Doctor: Prostate cancer?
Liam: My birth father died of prostate cancer, why?
Doctor: Hmmm...I'm gonna need to run some more tests.
(Pans over Liam's worried face)

Scene 8: Rachel & Lizzy rehearsing at the arena for the company. Cody comes to try and get Lizzy back.
(Lizzy and Rachel rehearsing on the stage)
Lizzy: I need a cocaine break.
Rachel: Are you kidding me?
Lizzy: Don't worry Rach, I'm not a greedy, I share!
Rachel: Oh hellz no, no cover girl of mine is gonna be a coke head.
Lizzy: But I'm craving! (she pouts)
Rachel: Then crave something else.
Lizzy: Well now that you mention it, I am kinda horny.
(Cody walks in)
Rachel: What do you know, perfect timing.
Lizzy: Uhh I was hoping he would just believe me on my voice mail when I said I was killing myself!
Rachel: Girl, you are one piece of work.
(Cody gets over to them)
Cody: Hey, beautiful. I see your a live.
Lizzy: Yep, that's me, miss beautiful and alive. I was sooo drunk that night so just pretend it didn't happen (laughs)
Cody: Why haven't you been returning my calls? I've called like a million times
Lizzy: I'm not the clingy kind, so it looks like your gonna have to find another caboose for your train!
Cody: I see how it is...
(Cody walks away)
Rachel: Lizzy! I thought you were into him! That was so harsh.
Lizzy: You do realize back in our new york days that was a line I picked up from you, right?
Rachel: Wow, I really was a bitch. That's so yesterday.
Lizzy: Someone had to fill those shoes.
Rachel: Well fill your shoes and prance your little butt right on back up there, we got lots of work to do.
(fades out on them rehearsing)

Scene 9: Halle walks in on Dave & Eric dancing in the living room at his house.
(Dave and Eric dancing in the living room)
(Halle walks into the living room)
Halle: So this is what really goes on in the life of Dave Largo, huh?
Dave: You know it! It was totally Eric's idea, though.
Eric: Sure, just blame it on the old guy.
Halle: Your anything but old, Mr. Gates.
Eric: Which is why I'm being called Mr., huh? You kids have at it...
(Eric walks upstairs)
(Halle and Dave sit on the couch)
Halle: I love seeing you so happy...you and Eric seem to get a long
Dave: It's even better being happy. I thought it would be weird having Andie's dad living here with us dating and all, but he's kinda like the father I never had.
Halle: What ever really happened with your real Dad? Anytime I've asked Jake he dodges the subject.
Dave: He lives in Jersey. He just never really cared to have much to do with us. We used to visit for the summers when we were younger, but that's about it.
Halle: Gotcha. I remember always being so bored and lonely when y'all would leave for the summer growing up (laughs)
Dave: Those were the days. So what brings you by Halle Joy?
Halle: Does there have to be a reason?
Dave: It's written all over your face.
Halle: Why must you know me so well? It's just been one of those days. My Dad and Stella are together I guess and it just took be by surprise...I kinda bitched her out.
Dave: Nice! She seems like a creep. No offence.
Halle: I agree dude. It's so weird because I really enjoyed that day I went to see her, but ever since she came back something just seems off. Her whole personality has changed, something's just not adding up.
Dave: Go with the gut, it's usually right.
Halle: I've missed this. I forgot how much I love just talking to you.
Dave: I miss a lot of things.
(fades over them and pans away)

Scene 10: Andie comes down stairs to find Liam depressed looking in the kitchen.
(Andie walks down the stairs)
(Liam sitting at the bar looking sad)
(Andie going through the fridge)
Andie: You okay, Turner? You seem down.
Liam: Have you ever found out some life changing news and just not know what to do with it?
Andie: I've had my fair share. What kinda news are we talkin'?
Liam: I can't say. I just don't know how to tell, Rach.
Andie: She loves you Liam, more than I think you know sometimes. I'm sure she would be more devastated if you didn't tell her reguardless of how bad the news might be.
Liam: Is it any wonder your our classes valid victorian.
Andie: Damn straight! Cheer up bud, I'm sure everything will turn out fine. Me on the other hand I'm not so sure...
Liam: Why, what's up?
Andie: Same boat...can't really say, but if I don't make it back from Dave's house in an hour or so report me missing, k?
Liam: That bad?
Andie: We'll see...
(Andie walks out)

Scene 11: Final Montage

1) Robert let's Halle know he'll break things off with Stella if she's uncomfortable with it.
(Halle is sitting in her room on the floor if possible)
(Robert sits down with her)
Robert: Have I told you how much I love you lately, Hal? And how important it is to me that we're in each others lives again? Because I do and it's the most important thing to me.
Halle: No, but it's good to hear. I love you too, Daddy.
Robert: That's not how I wanted you to find out earlier, it was just unexpected, all of it. If you aren't comfortable with this though I can have her leave.
Halle: It's not that I'm uncomfortable, it's just gonna take time. Just be careful, okay Dad?
Robert: I will, Hal Gal.

2) Liam starts to tell Rachel the results from the doctor.
(Liam sitting by the fire)
(Rachel walks up)
Rachel: Is someone ready for some booty?
Liam: Not really, babe. I don't think you will be either.
Rachel: Why do I get the feeling I'm not gonna like what I'm about to hear?
Liam: Because there's something not so good that I have to tell you...

3) Andie comes in Dave's room and says she has something she needs to tell him.
(Dave reading)
(Andie walks in his room)
Dave: Well, well...look who it is. My girlfriend...I about forgot I had one.
Andie: I derserve that. I derserve a lot of things, actually.
Dave: Am I missing something here?
Andie: Yeah, but let me fill in the blanks. There's something I need to tell you.
(fades out)

4) Ms. Jacobs kisses Jake at his and Halle's spot.
(Pans over Jake and Ms. Jacobs walking out of the school.)
Jake: Come here, I wanna show you something.
(they walk over to his and Halle's spot)
Ms. Jacobs: And we're still on school property. Yay?
Jake: It's mine and Halle's spot...it was here that I realized I loved her.
Ms. Jacobs: Why are you showing me this?
Jake: You told me earlier it wasn't good to be overly dedicated to something, but to someone I think is a different story, right?
Ms. Jacobs: I think the someone your referring to isn't the right one.
Jake: Who else would be?
Ms. Jacobs: She's standing right in front of you.
(she kisses up his arm, shows his face, and then she wraps her arms around him and kisses him)
(Halle sees afar while sitting in her car)



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