June 2015 David interview on the series end!

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June 2015 David interview on the series end!

Post by morethananyone on Tue Jun 23, 2015 7:21 am

Q: So here we are again! Last time you said 6 episodes to close, and now two. What happened?!
A: Good question there, love! Life happens, what can I say? Cool butttt I condensed what needed to be here for endgame into two episodes, one of which is already filmed and almost done with editing! Then onto the series/season finale.

Q: What can you tease about this ending? Is it what you thought it would be since the beginning, or has that vision changed?
A: Seeing as i've been doing this (off and on,) for 7 years now, my vision of the ending storywise has changed here and there. However, the tone and where I wanted the characters to be has remained very consistent throughout this whole journey. The ending is going to find all of your favorite characters right where they need to be and getting the finality they all deserve. There's no stones left unturned in these final two episodes, as all that needs exploring and closure gets it recognition.

Q: We reallyyyy want to know where Halle ends up. She's been Cape Side's number 1 target for sorrow it seems. Will Halle Joy ever know happiness?
A: Hahaha, yes! No doubt about it, Halle has had her fair share of hardships. The audience will really see Halle coming into her own in these last few episodes and will be making some stand up descions, as she's getting a full hold of herself. It's been so fun to write for Halle as I've connected to her character in a way that's been very personal to me. Seeing her evolve in the midst of such struggle has been great as a story teller, but damn, the poor girl has suffered. I can assure that it will all pay off.

Q: Why did you decide to bring Daniel in to fuck with Andie?
A: I'm sure all of the Dandy fans hated this Laughing but this was a big one for Andie, actually. It wasn't just some 3rd party drama, but evolvment and growth for the one character who always has it so well put together. What does that type of person do in the midst of such an internal conflict? Exploring this with her was one of my favorite dynamics of the season actually. This will actually play a big role in Andie's ending for the series.

Q: Dally, Jally, who's gonna be endgame? Surely this will be a big part of the ending?
A: Oh believe you me, this will tie up a lot of the lose ends that are floating around. Halle is at the center of this all, and will have a big choice to make. It's been a wonderful story to tell, as she's grown up with these boys and loves them both, but has such an entirely different connection to each one. I can promise either way that there's rewarding scenes for both units which demonstrate the essence of each one.

Q: What's been your favorite story to tell in season 3?
A: The one that's interconnected them all, which is the family dynamic and units! Robert coming back in the beginning of season and reconsiling and all of that tied in with Stella, Jane's return, Eric/Emily's divorce and it's impact on the girls, Dave/Jake mending their brotherhood, Grams coming back into the picture for Liam, Jane/Eric getting their shot finally, and so much more. It's all coming back together family-wise after all of the mishaps of the two seasons past.

Q: Will Lizzy be a part of endgame?
A: For sure! Lizzy has been a much needed aspect to this season, as her lighthearted humor in needed in dramatic Cape Side. I think everyone will be really surprised at Lizzy's ending, but hopefully in full support.

Q: Will there be any more weddings?
A: By the end of the finale, although we don't see the wedding, you will see that a couple has gotten married. The couple that this was done with makes me so happy just thinking about it. It's a powerful ending here.

Q: Will you miss the show once it's over?
A: Of course! But I am so happy to finally be ending it knowing that it's looming over with a cliffhanger and not getting the closure it deserves. Once the finale wraps and is out there, I'll feel very successful that I got to create this series that has meant so much to me. This was a big part of my teen years and it gave me this sense of purpose that I once didn't have in my life when I first began. I have truly grown with these characters and the stories. What an accomplishment to have come this far. I really hope everyone will be as satisfied with the finale as I am.


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