David Interview - 3.10 and pre finale talk!

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David Interview - 3.10 and pre finale talk!

Post by Liz on Fri Jul 17, 2015 2:15 am

Q: It's about time, I had to come in get to ya before morethananyone took over Laughing love her to death, though. You gave us quite the big episode with 3.10 "What Mends A Broken Heart." What was you're intentions with the episode?

A: I know, finally good to chat with you, too! When writing 3x10, I knew it was going to be a landmark episode for several reasons. Being the second to last episode of the series, there was a lot of wrap's up that needed to take place before the finale. Some people have gone "oh my, so much happened in this one, how is possible for it to be ending in the episode without being rushed??" and to that I assure everything falls into place literally so perfectly. I was amazed when writing both episodes and being so present with the filming/editing just how seamlessly it's all come together. The finale takes place one month later from this one, and some of the holes and gaps that need filling are explained through flashback in the finale to tie up loose ends. But intention-wise for 3x10, I knew exploring the relational dynamics between Jake and Halle/Andie and Dave was primary. These are two central couples to this whole plot of Arlbitr, and both break up's are a critical part to the ending. As well, what was explored with Riam and returning to the possiblity of not being able to have kids on Liam's end brought Rachel back to the abortion, a major turning point for the show. Jane/Eric and they're unit are finally coming full circle and that was something big I wanted to showcase. Dave/Jake and their brotherhood has always been central and reconnecting that link yet again in 3x10 was something I majorly had in mind. This episode was very much so setting up what occurs a months later in the finale.

Q: Gotta love those long responses of yours! Had there been a 4th and 5th season, would the break ups that just happened still be the same and in this time frame?

A: Answering this would actually give some plots to the finale away that I just can't, but you're so close!!

Q: Okay, so promo talk. We were given some glimpses and snap shots of speratic moments. First, tons of new hair do's, and what looks like some fan long time favorites of special spots of Cape Side we all love: the park with the swing, Jalle's spot, Dally's now pronounced "spot". It's feeling nostalgic to me. Is that the tone going with the finale?

A: The promo was pieced together with what I have filmed so far, which is about 6 or 7 scenes. There's defiantly those landmarks in there for a reason. Yes, you did see all of those special places and they will be important to what's being told. Halle has some significant moments with both Jake and Dave in this episode at these spots. As seen per Halle and Andie, yes, the park is back! That's been a major one since the pilot. Nostalgia is one of the best words I could come up with to describe this episode.

Q: We're loving Halle's mom as of this last episode, and from what we saw of her in the promo! Has that story changed at all from what you had planned way back when??

A: Oh believe you me, I flip flop like a fish when it comes to the storylines! Laughing I've always gone in and tied up loose ends I feel like, but when the show is over I'll defiantly start from season 1 to finish and give away all my secret alternate endings and changes to plots of the years. Back to your question though, yes, my vision with Stella has changed, but luckily I knew from the start with her that I wasn't quite sure which direction with her I'd go. Therefore, I purposefully wrote her in a way that I could go either option A or B without it being awkward and obvious and just totally flipping the story upside down. We brought her in during the season 2 finale as one of the many cliffhangers that accompanied it. I knew (and the other writers at the time,) always that she was defiantly Halle's biological mom, but the question remaining was her integrity; was she evil and just coming back with some ulterior motive, or did she have a genuine want to know her daughter and reconnect with Robert? Since there still is one episode left, I won't spoil how it ends, but something tells me that from this last episode and the promo that most of you can probably guess. I will say it was in returning for 3x10 that I finally decided which direction I defiantly was going with Stella, and I'm very happy with which route I choose.

Q: Speaking of, why have story lines flip flopped so much over the years? Dave's never talked about car accident in 2.12, the pregnancy from S2 finale, indecision about Stella, Jane's flip flopness and in/out mentality, Emily and Eric, Robert being good or bad, est.

A: Hahaha I've been caught! Yeah, it's no secret that I've been all over the place with certain plots such as those. Honestly, the biggest reason that this has happened is in the 7 years or so that I've been doing this, I've taking 3 or 4 hiatuses that then turned into me disappearing for a year if not more sometimes (this last bout was 2 1/2 years I believe,) and me believing because it had been so long that I was just done simming altogether. So then cue me finding a burst of inspiration, and when I'd come back, it would have been so long since I'd written the lasts scripts and my ideas returning would often times radically change. Luckily, it usually seemed to happen in transitory periods of episodes (but no always Mad ) Obviously you now know my stance with Stella was always up in the air even when I was active just worked, but some of the others such as the pregnancy one did shift. When I wrote the S2 finale I did at the time have in mind for Rachel to be pregnant and she was going to end up loosing the baby, making it a much darker season for Riam. I then decided by the time I got to the premiere that I loved this happier version of them after such a second season fraught with turmoil for them. I did explain though that it was a scare which does happen and is much more realistic than more would think, and later came back to the story with Rachel's restless want to have a child which we saw early on in the season. With Jane, I did plan to have her in more of S2, as well as Emily and Eric, but so many stories came up post 2x07 that I didn't originally plan on when going into the season. Andie wasn't going to get back with Dave and actually be institutionalized after the trauma with Kate; alas, that totally changed. Dylan was a last minute add-in, and the transition from 2x12 to 2x13 was when I'd switched to another sims series, Palm Bay Triangle, which fell flat after only two episodes, and coming back to the script for 2x13 I decided I wanted to jump a month a head and switch gears a bit. A bit all over the place at times, yes, but I do feel in the end I choose the best stories needed each time I came back and delivered what seemed to be the best for these characters we've all grown to love. Not completely, but for the most part Season 3 has remained true to most of it's stories I had slated from the beginning when I was vision boarding it. It was between 3x07 and 3x08 that I had a pretty big shift. Grams was going to die after that episode as an arc for Liam and Riam to go into, but I totally switched that out for the arc we are now going into with Liam's *possible* inability to produce children. What can I say? I like keeping you all on your toes and guessing Razz

Q: Riam was the most beautiful part of 3.10! Somehow you always make us fall in love with them all over again. How was writing this episode like for them? What can you tease for us in the finale? We saw no Liam in the promo and what we did of Rach was kinds like ???? And the stills show a rather constipated looking Rach. What's going on??

A: Rachel and Liam's scenes were probably my favorite to write, film, and edit in 3x10. The abortion was a big deal for these two, and then Rachel expressing such an interest in kids and Liam wanting to hold off a bit, all to now find out it very well not be a possibility. It takes Liam back to his depressive roots from the beginning of the series and also gives him and Rach as a couple some super immense material to work with. I'm gonna tease that you actually did see Liam in the promo, at least a part of him, but you just didn't know it Razz yes those stills and the promo, I choose just enough to make you all question everything but yet know nothing, what I do best Cool Seriously though, the finale is very rewarding for this fan favorite couple. No matter if your watching as a whole or for certain aspects, I think Rachel and Liam were so well received by everybody and have never grown old or outdated. You'll see every aspect to this couple that makes them who they are in the finale.

Q: Do all these Dally clues we've been given all season amount to something? That eyes-closed, let me rub all over you while you rub all over me hug of their's was pretty steam worthy at the end of 3.10. What can you tell us? Why is this couple so fucking wrong but so damn right the same time?

A:It seems your catching on! It's so hard to talk about either Dally or Jally because they're both such prominent parts of this finale, but let's see here what I can dig up for you. There's no denying that those feelings are still there, as it's been showcased in their scenes through this season, and they're coming together in end final montage of 3x10 was one of those they've been waiting for it moments. There is a flashback in the finale that shows an extended version of that scene and what all happened, but that I can't give away. Maybe they kiss and decide it's finally time to be together, or Halle walks away knowing that it's just not right and too much happened, or somewhere in between. You'll have to wait on that one. But to the whole it being so wrong, yet so right comment, that's the whole basis of this pairing and I can't tell you how much I love writing for that. Right before Dandy officially get together/Jally have sex in 3x05, Dally have this so I'm in love with you moment, but continue on to go and be with other lover's that are in their hearts too. This started even before 2x09 if you look carefully for the clues even in first season (that sadly now is deleted,) but in 2x09 it was first acknowledged when they tell each other that it feels so wrong and so right at the same time. Like fans have always called, Halle holds the key to all of this. That key and her decision with it will pervade in the finale for sure.

Q: Will Halle ever know the truth about what went down with Ms. Jacobs and Jake? Why's she being kept in the dark? It could have saved their relationship had Jake said it in 3.10!

A: There's still one one episode, so do'n't give up hope just yet! As for it saving their relationship from break up, as we saw from Halle, she knew it was time to end it. Regardless of what that means for them in the finale (as they have some big moments,) Halle still knew the relationship for the time being had run it's course, and that there were other issues than just Ms. Jacobs; she was merely the tip of the ice burg. Still either way, Halle didn't like the disrespect it brought into their union with each other. Knowing the truth about it all though, she very well may feel differently. You shall see oh so very soon!

Q: We see there's some brunette that doesn't look at all familiar in the promo overlooking what seems to be Dave and Jake in their front yard, looking younger with their old clothes and hairstyles. What's up here?

A: Well you only see behind this mysterious person, so it could be someone you very well know. Perhaps someone from the past? I will tease this will be revealed in the very first scene of the finale and I think will shocking, homey feeling, and answer worthy all in one. It's probably my favorite scene of them all tied in with the CODA/Final Montage.

Q: Sounding emotional over there, David! Has this ending been working you over tear-wise?

A: Oh believe you me! Knowing this is officially the ending has had me sort of in a trance like state the past month or two. I'm going on 22 and it's just so surreal to be completing something I started 7 years and seeing the parallels it's made to my life. I've grown with these characters and lived side by side with it. It's always been my safe haven to come back to when the outside world of my life becomes too much. This series deserves a proper, go out with a bang ending, and that's exactly what I came back to give it. I've now on the second half of the finale filming wise, and I'm just really letting myself be present with it and get down to work and enjoy it this one last time. Each time I start filming I'm just letting myself fully slip into the world that is Cape Side and translate what this world has to tell and convey. It's these very reasons that I decided to titled the finale 'The Journey is the Destination' as it fits this ending so well. We think of life and everything in it as some eternal ending we'll get to, but it's in realizing that the destination is the not knowing the end, and the finale resembles this perfectly.


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