Break's up, coming togethers, the good stuff!

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Break's up, coming togethers, the good stuff!

Post by Liz on Fri Jul 17, 2015 7:47 am

I've never made much of a huge poster on my personal opinions considering storylines since I love all the material delivered on ARLBITR (yes I'm one of those few lolz) but I just had to post something after 3.10!

Dandy and Jally are big parts of the show we have all been rooting for since the earliest day of the show and they're break ups, although sad, were so beautifully orchestrated that I enjoyed their parting of ways, and that's pretty damn rare. The way Andie and Dave so maturely had this mutual understanding about the whole thing made it that much easier for them both to let go and not get tangled up in resentment and nasty feelings that so often come along with endings to intense relationships. I was so not expecting a come back of the 'true love is sacrifice' throw back! I don't even think we've heard that one since it was first used, but every Dandy fan, including myself remembered that amazing charm. I remember back in the day all of the Dandy shippers made quotes of it in their forum signatures. So cute.

Jake and Halle's break up gave us all so much more insight into Halle's head. It's not secret that she's a pretty confusing character and doesn't always seem to know what she wants; basically the most emotionally tangled up mess on arlbitr Laughing we still love ya though, Hal! Finally getting some better insight into why she broke up with Jake last time and that she decided to clue him in for change. It seems like she often just expects Jake to know what's going on with her, but she doesn't really let him in. She was right in all she said though with needing to end the relationship, even though I sympathized with Jake in how badly he just wants to be with her.

I think Dave and Halle have been building up all season, they were just in the background under what was more obviously in our faces. I'm interested to see how they're coming together will happen in the finale, because let's face it, we all know it's going to happen. Not some big secret there.

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Re: Break's up, coming togethers, the good stuff!

Post by Juno on Fri Jul 17, 2015 7:55 am

come on mates, lets take some jane and eric!!! that's been something i was waitin' for since first season. emily is finally out of the way. there was a lot of those finally moments in this last episode. what's going to mean for the ending? shake ups, perhaps? i never know what mr. mozilla david has up his sleeves


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