Alternate endings, changed storylines, what could have been

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Alternate endings, changed storylines, what could have been

Post by MozillaChuckle on Sun Jul 26, 2015 9:44 pm

Aloha ARLBITR fans alike! As promised, here is a write up several of the alternate endings and change up's to stories over the years. Some will fill in the blanks to where a certain scene or plot may have seemed inconsistent at one point, where something didn't get resolved, or even a different spin you may have never known b/c I never wrote it in and changed the plot before writing an episode. Also, at the end is a pretty much an entire outline I had written out for Season 4 several years ago had the show gone past high school through a 4th and even 5th season possibly. Yeah, we all know my track record...wasn't gonna happen Laughing

So, without futher ado....

Season 1:

Let's see here. Although the episodes aren't up anymore for the newbies, the old time followers will remember them from simstube. Most of Season 1 plots stayed the same all the way through, but here's some alternate plots and inconsistences:

-It was never fully touched on as to why Halle's dad was in jail. He was a good buy; never hurt Halle, Beth, or their mother, Susan. After she passed away due to cancer, Robert was VERY low on funds and struggling finanically, therefore started selling weed to make some extra cash on the side. He was busted in sent to jail not long after, which then left Beth(any) to care for Halle.

-Beth did commit suicide, but it wasn't because of Halle. Yes, they had a very bad fight right beforehand that sent her over the edge, but she was actually struggling with very severe depression and finally couldn't hold it all together anymore and thought it was her only resort to sanity. I didn't showcase that very well though at the time.

- An aternate plot: everyone always guessed that 1x05 was setting up for Halle/Liam to get together. This is true. Halle and Jake were still going to be getting together in 1x07, but Liam and Halle were gonna have a little thing that was going to further get Jake jealous and realizing his feeling for Halle, the same way Jake being with Rachel made Halle jealous.

- The season was actually going to be 12 episodes originally. 1x11 would have been PROM, that was talked about at the end of 1x10, and then the finale we all saw would have been 1x12.

Season 2

2x01-2x12 all remained pretty consistent to my vision, with the exception one one thing which was Andie. After getting released from Kate, she was going to come back and have a pretty serious mental break that was going to land her in a mental institution for a while. She wasn't going to get back together with Dave and be involved in the whole triangle, but I decided to make it a sqaure. Many people didn't like this, but I thought it made the plot that much more dynamic and gave us some great material to work with.

- Jake was going to contract an STD from Ms. Jacobs

- Dylan was a last minute add-in for Liam. Looking back on it, sure, it was a bit contrived, but I thought still gave Riam something interesting to work with.

-2x13 was NOT going to be one month later in the beginning. It was going to be a hospital centered episode that delt with Dave's car accident, and this was going to bring Jane back a bit earlier, and Andie wasn't going to leave for New York.

-There was going to be an alternate universe episode in season 2 where Rachel is having a dream that she and Jake never broke up and that she didn't have the abortion. The dream includes her forgiving Liam, so she then wakes up and actually proposes to him.

Season 3

This is one got kinda tricky b/c I had 3 different hiatuses or a year or more each, and each time I came back and looked at old scripts and would be like whatttttt? Must change this! haha with time comes new perspectives and ideas.

- I wrote Stella in a way when I brought her in that there was lot of mystery to her (hence the 2x15 and 3x01 moments) you just never really knew where it would go. Before my last hiatus, I was thinking I'd go the direction of having her be shady and coming back just to steal money that she learned was in Halle's college funds savings account.

- Rachel was going to be the pregnant one, then I scrapped that decided Andie was going to have gotten pregnant wwith Daniel's baby while in New York at the end of S2.

- As seen in the episode that the girls go visit the phychic (3x06 I think?) the lady has important messages for them. She hints towards Halle striking again to Andie, which was going to happen in an indirect way. She also hinted at the "doors of death," for Andie which was going to happen in the S3 finale had there been a S4. Andie was gonna have the baby, Dave would have kept it, and she would die. Andie's scene with Dave at the beach at the end of 3x06 was a foreshawdow had that storyline played out.

- Rachel was going to be the one that couldn't have kids at first, but I switched it to Liam.

- Grams was going to die after 3x07 after I decided I wasn't going that route with Andie, but then scrapped that too.

- There was going to be a mid-season finale (kind of like 2x12 for S2,) where most of the gang is in Club Bermuda and someone's shoots it up and holds everyone inside hostage with a gun. Halle gets shot somehow, and Dave rescues her. She kisses him b/c she thinks she might die, which leads to the activation of triangle again.

- Jake was going to start pressuring Halle for sex. It was a lil one episode arc in 3x05, but it was gonna span out a few more episodes had S3 been longer and different

-The girls, per Lizzy's suggestion, were all going to be on the cheer squad and have an Orlando centered episode that was fun themed one

- Season was going to end with Dandy and Jally together had there been a 4th season

- Had the season been longer and had I gone with the alternate finale script of Halle's death and 5 year reunion for Cape Side High, we would have seen a camping episode with the gang and graduation, and just all the minor stuff missed out on in the one month jump we didn't see other than flashbacks in the finale. But through the flashbacks in the finale the important stuff was covered I feel.

Season 4 Outline

Characters -Individuals

Jake - Jake is trying to be become a successful director/TV show producer and has moved to L.A. As he’s there he has an intern spot working for a director. They end up going down to Cape Side for Jake to begin making his on TV show and for Jake to find a writer for the show who ends up being Halle.

Halle - Halle lives with Stella in Orlando. She’s on the writing staff for “Gossip Girl.” Halle is in an arranged marriage seeing as it’s tradition in Stella’s family. Halle and her fiancé move to Cape Side so she can write on her own terms.

Rachel - Rach is at the top of her game with her cosmetics cooperation. It’s gone multi-million and she’s happier than ever before, but she’s putting a lot focus on her work and has lost focus on her things in life that really matter like friendships and her marriage.

Liam - Liam as well is at the top of his game. He has one of the highest position jobs at Rachel’s cooperation, but that soon becomes threatened when Rachel hires him an assistant that accuses him of rape.

Dave - Dave is living alone in Cape Side running Club Bermuda as he’s now the owner. He’s also juggling being a single father. As well, he begins seeing Andie’s ghost and he goes down hill from there.

Lizzy - Lizzy has changed a lot. She’s the face of Rachel’s cosmetics cooperation, but once she starts screwing up fashion shows and photo shoots after getting involved with drugs her life takes a bad turn.

New Characters:

Alexia Burton: Alexia is the new secretary that Rachel has hired for Liam. Alexia turns out to be someone Rachel didn’t expect…Rach and her form a good friendship, but once she gets to attached things take a turn for the worse. Alexia starts flirting and getting close with Liam, but he does nothing. However, when Alexia starts filling Rachel’s head with doubt Rachel fires her. Alexia then accuses Liam of rape and Rachel leaves him for this.

Joy Shaw: Joy is one of the actresses on Jake and Halle’s movie. She plays the role of Halle. She ends up becoming a regular customer at Dave’s club and asks him questions about his and Halle’s romance since she needs to know how to portray it on screen from when they were sneaking around. Joy and him grow close and form a relationship, but she ends up having to leave to L.A when she’s called to do a new movie.

Drake Stevens: Drake is Halle’s fiancé. He’s in an arranged engagement to her.

Ethan Watz: Ethan is the director/producer behind Jake and Halle’s TV show that helps get the whole operation started. Jake interned in L.A with him for 3 years.

Wayne Turner: Wayne is Liam’s brother and comes to stay with Riam after him and his wife have just gotten a divorce and he needs a place to stay.

Returning Characters:

Stella - Stella helps Halle with her writing.

Tonya: Rachel’s assistant. They have a good friendship.


Rachel and Liam - Riam have a rocky road in this season, some of the biggest bumps they have faced yet. When Alexia, Liam’s secretary, begins getting to personal with Liam, it alarms Rachel. Although Liam never cheats or thinks of it, she fills Rachel’s head with doubt. The reason Alexia comes in is because she’s from another cosmetics company and wants to destroy Riam’s company, so after Rachel fires her she accuses Liam of rape to bring them and the company down. Rachel believes it when it hit’s the media and leaves Liam.

Jake and Halle - At first it starts off as a mystery season for these 2 as to why they broke up. They end up making a TV show together with Halle being the writer and Jake being the producer. In 4x05 (the Halloween party) Jake kisses Halle…this causes a big fight between them in the following episode and leads to them kissing and Halle’s finace seeing it. The following episode after that Jake and Halle agree to let each other go, ending a relationship forever between them with a kiss. Their break up is shown through flashback in the fight episode.

Dave and Andie - Although Andie’s dead, one of the storylines will show Dave seeing the ghost of Andie.

Halle and Drake - Halle comes back with her fiancé, Drake, and it’s an arranged engagement set up by Stella since it‘s in the family tradition on her side of the family. Over time they do grow fond of each other, but it’s ruined when Drake catches Halle and Jake in the act.

Halle and Dave - They have some good friendship scenes in the first half of the season, but nothing more until the 2nd half of the season. When Halle discovers that Dave is seeing visions of Andie she gets him some help at a treatment center and agrees to take care of Angela while he’s gone. He kisses her when she leaves the treatment center. When he comes back he’s still getting better, so Halle stays with him and Angela and they form a family type unit as Angela has grown very close to Halle. Dave and Halle’s connection resurfaces, but Halle is skeptical about being with him again.

Lizzy and Wayne - Wayne (Liam’s brother) is a former drug addict and since he’s staying with Riam and Lizzy she finds a comfort in him as he helps her overcome her addition. They form an awesome, beautiful relationship.

Main Storylines:

- 4x01 will be about showing where everyone is at 4 and half years later.

- Everyone will return to Cape Side in 4x02 for Cape Side High’s annual 5 year reunion.

- By 4x03 everyone is officially moved back and working on things: Rachel hires the assistant for Liam, Jake and Halle start prepping for the TV show, Joy and Dave meet,

- Liam’s brother comes in this episode.

- In 4x05 Dave holds a BIG Halloween party at Club Bermuda. Everyone goes, however, Alexia ends up getting the EXACT same costume that Rachel is wearing and kisses Liam. Liam however thinks that it’s Rachel. This is where that storyline will start kicking off.

- Rachel ends up firing Lizzy after Lizzy ruins one of the photo shoots and tells her she must get some help.

- One of the season finale cliffhangers will be Halle on a plain on the way back Orlando that ends up crashing, but right before it crashes BOTH Jake and Dave call and propose to her.



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