Season Two Aftermath Interview w/ David!

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Season Two Aftermath Interview w/ David!

Post by morethananyone on Mon Dec 21, 2015 3:23 am

It's now been 5 months or so since the official series end of ARLBITR! Sad if your anything like me and still processing, I recently did a rewatch of second season to relive the old days of the sims series. I decided to pull an out of nowhere interview with David on the series second season that was quite contraversial at the time. Here's what came of it::::

1) Q: How's it feel to be done with the series mr. big shot? Finally done with us complainers over here!

A: Laughing it'll never end. No, seriously, ARLBITR lives on forever in my heart. I'd like to believe those characters are still there, we just aren't seeing them on the screen. To me it feels great to have it completed. I hated leaving it on those multiple hiatuses that turned into me potentiallty not returning to finish it off the right way. 3x11 ended on a note that pleased all, and for that I couldn't be happier.

Q: Do you feel season three was about fixing many of the mistakes of season 2?

A: Not at all. To me, 2nd season was exploring a very pivotal time of the characters lives. I sort of themed each of the seasons, and season two's was 'growth & change.' Ya gotta go there to come back. Season 2 was going there, and Season 3 was thus the homecoming from having gone and doing all that needed to be done for growth purposes.

Q: It was a pretty contraversial season that had the fanbase split right in half when it was airing. Why do you think that is? What this intentional?

A: Going into the brain storming mode for the season, I knew one of the biggest shake up's to come was Dave & Halle. It was an idea I had started forming at the end of first season, but wasn't sure I would go through with it or not. Now being on the other side of it, I couldn't have seen it going any other way. Jake and Hal's relational dynamic was thrown threw the rutter from the get go of 2x01, and it took the fanbase for a loop. Adding in Andie's kidnapping and Jake's ordeal of sleeping with a teacher raised the stakes even hyer. It's all a part of chracter development. As a writer, those are the chances you take for the world your crafting. For me, I knew I had to do it to launch the series in the direction it needed to go. All of the reunions, homey moments, and nostialiga experienced in season three was partly due to all that went down, that at the time, seemed horrific in Season Two.

Q: Rachel's abortion was a big game changer for the show. How do you feel it benefitted Rachel?

A: Writing 2x01 was difficult and beautiful in so many ways all in one. I knew this premiere, as it was 4 months later from where the previous finale left off, was going to be the launching pad for the tone of where much of the rest of the series would esculate. Rachel was a big part of that, as she was just such a fan favorite character. There was something about her bad ass self that made people laugh, but knowing there was something deeper there underneath that. Watching her struggle to be who she is, yet get out of this molded bitch facade that she carried around. The abortion, which came from getting pregnant unexpedtedly, from someone she was not planning to fall in love with, left her clueless. It put Rachel in a position of having to grow up and make a choice. One, she wasn't ready to be a Mother. Two, she had no guidance around considering all that was happening with her parents. Three, Liam, a boy she barely knew yet was falling for, was gone back to New York and she had no way to contact him. Talk about tight space. From there, she grew up a ton. She took responsiblity. She battled the woes of being an adult teenager.

Q: Why were Eric, Emily, and Jane shipped off like cattle?

A: After hopping from 2x07 to 2x08, gears started shifting in my mind. I decided that those stories could be told off screen so as to make way for more of the prominent ones that needed attention at the time. Jane was away working on herself, while Eric and Emily were doing the same for their marriage. I was focusing on Jake's arc with his teacher gone wild, Andie's return from physco Kate, the love square exploding, and the entrance of Dylan for Riam. What can I say? Heaps of drama was comin' to town for Cape Side. I feel it made the return of Eric, Emily, and Jane all the more special when we did get to greet with them again.

Q: You make a good point. Jane coming back for the wedding in 2x15 was something I didn't expect. I thought she'd done joined the damn peace core for all we knew.

A: I kept y'all guessing, huh? Rest assured, she came back. Yeah, that was a really special episode in general. Including Jane in it felt like the icing on the cake to me. I'd say it was worth the wait just for moments like that.

Q: 2x12 to 2x13! I know you explained it in the 'what if' post, but really? Why the inconsistenices there?

A: Personally, other than some of the editing in that one, I felt the pace and transition of the episode was quite smooth. It was a month later. Dave was okay from the accident (my bad on dropping even mentioning it tho Laughing ) and we got to see where all the characters were mending in their process. A lot happened, but some time had passed and we were dropping in to catch up with them all so to speak.

Q: If there's anything you could have done differently this season, what would it have been?

A: Gone more in depth with what each character was processing. I, myself, was still a freshman for a majority of the season, and finished it the beginning of my sophomore year. Andie was dealing with serious mental scars after Kate that I totally went right over. It was in my mind while writing the scripts, such as her need to get right back with Dave in 2x08. I just didn't exucute it how I would have now. I would have had more conversations with Riam discussing the after math of the abortion, and abolished the Dylan story, or altered it in a way that was there for more than just filler drama. I would have gone more into Jake's trepidition with Ms. Jacobs. Just really showcasing what was going through the minds of these characters in the midst of some really testing situations.

Q: What do you think you sohwcased best this season?

A: Getting through really hard times, mostly. The season was mapped out in a way where each character, relationship, and friendship was being challenged in some way or another. Some in multiple ways. I showed the realness of not always having control over the outcome of things like this, but in having control over how you chooose to handle it. Do you back down in cowry, fight back, or surrender? Andie, Rachel, Halle, Jake, Liam, and Dave all did just that, and I feel having experiencecd all of this stuff early on in my life, was able to showcase it in a worthy way that, hopefully, spoke to people who watched these episodes.

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