Jally/Dally/Andie Love Square from a Behind the Scenes Look!

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Jally/Dally/Andie Love Square from a Behind the Scenes Look!

Post by Liz on Fri Apr 15, 2016 9:02 am

If you're all anything like me, life just hasn't been the same without ARLBITR! So I decided to get with David and ask some questions about one of the series biggest storylines to give us something to all hold onto!

Q: Was the love triangle turned love square, always planned from the beginning?
A: While a lot of the journey and plotting out of it changed along the way, yes, the dynamic between Halle, Jake, and Dave was always planned from the beginning.

Q: What was the inital plan from the start?
A: As many already know, Andie WAS NOT a part of the plan. Even from vision boarding out Season 2 when writing those first couple of scripts, I didn't plan on putting her into the mix. It wasn't until writing for episode 2x08 (when Andie has returned from pysco Kate,) that her addition came about. As well, Dave and Halle were not going to be endgame when I slated it from first season.

Q: WHOA! So that changes things a bit. How did that endgame plan change?
A: It was during season 2 when filming 2x09 that I just instantly fell in love with Dave and Halle. There was simply no denying it. This forbidden love that had so much angst and passion, but was also tender and deeply connected between these two. It was a shock even for myself as Jake and Halle were such a cornerstone to the series.

Q: I read that Jake and Halle's relationship mirrored one of your own from high school. Is that true?
A: You read right. Jally was written along the lines of my first soul mate, falling head of heals in love relationships, which conveniently was with a childhood friend of mine. Much like Jake and Halle, we didn't up together. Which didn't diminish our relationship at all. That's something I tried really hard to convey in the series finale was that sure, this couple we once all thought would be the ones at finish line didn't make it in the way we all thought they would, but they made it in other ways, and that it didn't diminish what they had.

Q: Did Dave and Halle tie into any of your real life relationships?
A: Oh believe you me, they did! Yet another relationship that fell through too Laughing but still was formed off the basis of it to some extent. But even more, the later that we saw of Dave in Halle from season 3 onward was my own personal crafting of what I believe love to be. It creeps up on you, in shows up in ways you wouldn't always expect. It's not predictable. The heart isn't practical, and wants what it wants. That, I feel, was the basis of Halle and Dave; this super dynamic immersion into the heart. The heart has so many sides and compartments, and we have these notions and ideas about what it means to live from that space. Dave and Halle broke all those normal so called rules and stereotypes that we have about all that 'heart stuff.'

Q: Where does Andie tie into all of that?
A: Poor Andie, right? She was just an amazing girl who simply got fucked over by her best friend and who she thought to be, love of her life. We later came to find that even the good girl messes up sometimes and has secrets in her heart to about someone from her past. Because from what we see in season 1, Dave's just the first guy to sweep Andie off her feet, but no, Daniel came long before that. Some can call that crappy writing and rewriting history, but I beg to differ come from a writers perspective. I'll be fully honest and disclose that I didn't know until the second half of season 2 (which was still a decent amount before I actually introduced Daniel,) that Andie had a past history in New York. However, when we drop into the world of Cape Side in the pilot, we see Andie and Rachel have just moved here from New York with their father, and we know nothing of their past. Just because Andie never mentioned it doesn't mean it couldn't have happened. It's those risks you take as a writer. Sometimes it pays off, and sometimes it doesn't. In this case, I believe it did. Ya know, Andie comes home in a fragile state in 2x08. She kisses Dave seeking some sense of normlacy and security after such a traumatic series of events with Kate and the kidnapping. Dave, being the good guy he is, and having had a past with Andie, gave into it knowing the state she was in. Who would have pushed her away given what she just went through, right? So, that then raises the stakes when the audience clearly knows at this point that Dally were forming, even though they didn't kiss till the following episode. Even Andie herself admits in the Season 2 finale and in her break up scene with Dave in 3x10 that she knew Dave and Halle were into each other when she came back into the picture at that time. She wasn't in a good state. So then getting to Season 3 and her sneaking around with Daniel, which all happens so suddenly and unexpectedly, puts her in the same shoes Dave was put in prior to that with Halle. The way it all played out was pretty awesome I thought. Some fans agreed, while others didn't. You win some and you loose some.

Q: What was your favorite Jally scene and why?
A: Oh my. I'm gonna go with 1x07, which was their first kiss. That was such a special moment for the series, and it was just so smooth flowing. When you see two friends unite in that way when everyone knows they want each other, it's just gold. It was a soft moment and leveled out so much of the angst Jally constantly had. It was this amazing beginning to the beautiful story that was to unfold before them.

Q: Now favorite Dally scene and why?
A: Now that's a hard one! I'm going to have to say their scene in 2x14 at the Riam rehearsal dinner. The music, the lines, and just the desperation to want to see them together, but they just knew they had to go seperate ways for the time being to redeem themselves. The music playing as Halle walks away, Dave's look on his face, and all of it just lined up for them to come back together if you paid attention to the subtle clues. It was saying some day, but not today basically. It was that tragic desire, ya know? And that tragic desire was such a basis for this relationship.

Q: Coming up to the series finale, was there any apprehension on your choice for endgame on the couples?
A: As for Jally vs. Dally, it was crystal clear to me. Sure, there was that part of me that was like, but Jally! Because of course I wrote for their beautiful story, but I was more so concerned with giving it closure; one, with the whole it really will always be there nod, but with bringing them back to their spot at the school, and with Halle finding out the truth about Ms. Jacobs. They needed total honest with each other to fully move on. Now, pairing Jake with Lizzy was something I had been thinking about since I brought Lizzy in. Had there been another season, he wouldn't have gotten together with her till then. But since I ended it in the present and jumped a head in the finale a month, I went a head and took a chance and loved how it lined up. It only seemed right to let Andie run off in the sunset with Daniel as well. What would be the point of discovering her true love without letting them be together? Yes, I'm a hopeless romantic.

So there ya have it, folks!

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