ARLBITR Creator on the Tribute & Surprise Alternate Ending!

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ARLBITR Creator on the Tribute & Surprise Alternate Ending!

Post by Liz on Wed May 04, 2016 3:39 am

Q: Well, hello there! What an unexpected surprise you pulled on us there.

A: Mission accomplished then! I like to show up with things like this just when nobody expects it. Always expect the unexpected with me. I'm always this ticking time bomb when it comes to my creativity...and just about everything else in my life.

Q: Good to know! So let's go right into it. You delivered the long time fans something that's very precious in that tribute video. Between all the opening credit sequences that had ever been used, the characters then and now moments, hihglighting all of the significant ships, and of course the shows wow us moments! What were you going for with this tribute?

A: Everything you just said basically! The song first playing in the tribute, which was "Pictures of You" by the Cure, I instantly got inspired to make this. My intention was to just create this time capsule of nostalgia, taking everyone down the rabbit hole of Cape Side. Sure, anyone can go back anytime and rewatch all those episodes, but to have all compiled like that I thought was really special. I so wish I had Season 1 moments to throw in there, but I was happy to at least have Season 2!

Q: You already know what I'm going to ask next! THAT ALTERNATE ENDING! WTF DAVID?!?! We all thought we had the ending packed down with what we saw in that 3x11 finale. Why go and change it now (although know while saying this I lovedddddd it!)

A: As I had mentioned last year around the time of the grand finale, which I like to call the show's final bow, I had spoken of several alternate endings I had in mind. Please know that the ending we all saw in 3x11 is still the ending. If that's where fans want to keep it, then by all means, do that. I was never even going to show this alternate ending had it not been for the tribute end of the video. I choose to purposefully do it like this so that fans can decide which ending they wanted for the series.

Q: The montage again of the 3x11 ending with the 5 years later twist was golden! Seeing our characters all in a group setting and grown up was so cool! It gave us an idea of where they ended up. Is this the ending you wanted for them?

A: Well of course, or else I wouldn't have written it. One of my intentions on this alternate twist was to deliver something to the other half of the fan base who really supported the Jally and Dandy pairings. Had things ended with Jake & Halle, I feel it would have happened in a way that was very much so like what we saw in this ending. Dandy came back together in a tender way where they finally had the time to process what they wanted. It's assumed Europe and Daniel just weren't working out the way Andie thought they would. Dave speaks of him and Halle not working out because other people were always in their heart of hearts, and recognizes that Jake was that for Halle, and always would be. Andie sees in the moment (hint her eye moment close up,) that it was the same for her and Dave.

Q: I was sort of hoping for a Riam twist! We needed some angst.

A: Ya know, I had thought about that. I can gaurentee that had there been a 4th season, there would have been plenty of it and then some. However, second season was so turbulent for these two with the abortion and the addition of Dylan (which both made appearances in the tribute.) And in season 1, they only got together at the very end. So Season 3 was a time to let them rest and just fall into each other. Riam were the true fighters that made it without having to endure a love triangle.

Q: Lizzy, though!!! What great comic relief.

A: Indeed! I needed to throw some comedy in there, as the rest was meant to be super cheesy and "omg it happened!" ya know? Rachel and Dave had a few one liners as well that shed light on the realness of their personalities. Had to keep it real.

Q: So answer your mind of things, does ARLBITR end with Jally or Dally?

A: I won't say one way or the other...honestly. That to me wasn't so important, as much as it was to show the growth and journey's of both couples. They're moments are back-to-back in the tribute and you see just the beauty of both sides. I've written for them both and will always be routing for the ultimate happiness of every character involved. With that said, as much as I stand by the 3x11 ending, the alternate twister is more congruent with the original vision I had for the series ending from the Season 1 days when I was just beginning this world, so I thought it was only fair for me to pay tribute to that in this celebration of ARLBITR. To actually see with my eyes on screen now the original ending is pretty surreal. From here, it's up to you all to decide which works better for you Smile

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