David talks ARLBITR one more time!

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David talks ARLBITR one more time!

Post by ItWillAlwaysBeThere on Sun May 08, 2016 4:46 am

In the last interview ever, I stole the show from the interviewers! WOOO! Go mod power. With the recent tribute put out, it's showed ARLBITR is really over. So now, one last interview with David to take us all on a walk down memory lane.

Q: So it's really over, huh? I was secretly holding out hope that a 4th season would still happen.

A: Your not the only one, I was too! (shhhh don't tell anyone -_- ) but seriously, all good things must come to an end. It already was, but this tribute really was my way of saying goodbye to this world and showing my love for it. It's been such a wild ride, and I really rocked it out. I had my long breaks and hiatuses, sure, but it was worth all of it. ARLBITR was like this long time best friend, and I'll always look back on it and be so honored and proud of what I got to do with it.

Q: Of all three seasons, which was your favorite and why?

A: I've said it before, and I'm going to stick with my original answer, and that's S3. Getting to take these characters to that ultimate destination point was just magic. Jally and Dandy get back together, but there's still aftermath from that triangle. Ms. Jacobs comes back and Jake has to decide who him and this woman that causes a lot of damage are going to be to each other, and Halle doesn't like that very much. We come to find Halle's family situation is 10x more complicated than she thought, and the mysteries just keep going deeper and deeper. Andie, the one who always has it together, reveals she has a secret past and gets drawn into the rabbit hole of what's familiar. Rachel REALLY grows up, along with Liam, and wants kids. They take over a family company. The divorce of Emily and Eric somehow actually brings them closer to their girls, all the while allowing Jane and Eric free reign to be together. Dave and Halle's feelings still linger about in the sidelines, showing up in just the right moments to be fully felt by all. All it up for grabs. So all of that more really pins down why it was my favorite. They were all coming home to their truest selves.

Q: Is there any storylines you regret telling?

A: Not one. Would I change the follow through with some? Sure. However, every story told served a purpose, and led each character to some place needed along the way of their journey.

Q: What's your favorite storyline you told?

A: Rachel's abortion. I believe that was a big one, and was a true milestone and turnaround for her. There's a big shift from the Rachel was see post S1, as this choice left a big impact on her. Seeing how it affected the Riam pairing was stellar, as it allowed for some great scenes and growth of each one of them.

Q: Favorite episode of all?

A: Oh that's hard. I'm gonna go with the series finale, 3x11. I had a blast filming and editing that one, and it just touched upon everything! The throwbacks, one-liners, closure, music, sets, everything about it really. I'm a sap for some nostalgia as well know, and nothing better than a series finale for plenty of that. It was rounding off the corners, minding the edges, and tying it all up.

Q: What do you think made S2 so controversial?

A: To be blunt, the fact we were dealing with controversial topics and stories. You nailed it, though. Following S1, which had so much heart to it and simplicity, we really expanded on that and went into S2 with the mindset of how can we just fuck with everybody? ahaha. Naw, not really. We wanted to test the character, stretch them all so to speak. And that's exactly what we did. I mean, gosh, we were dealing with Rachel's abortion, Liam having a supposed gay past with Dylan (who just oh so happens to have a past friendship with Rachel,) the return (briefly) of Halle's father from prison, Andie's kidnapping with Kate Howard, the fall out from Halle and Jake's break up, Jake sleeping with his film teacher Ms. Jacobs to get good grades for a scholarship, and how could we not mention the Dave and Halle sneaking around story! All that to follow Rachel and Liam's wedding to close off a hell ensued season with some romance. We were clearly treading murky waters, and I feel that all paid off. So much of what we see in the 3rd istallment would not have been possible with out the trials and tribulations of S2.

Q: Jake sleeping with his teacher seemed so out of character, much like a lot of the stories for S2!

A: That's the whole genius of it, though! We often take characters in directions you'd never see coming, very much like our own lives, but periods of getting to know ourselves better. Everything shapes us in unimaginable ways, even if we can't see that in the moment. That's what we were doing with these so called "out of character" moments.


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